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The Polizei Collection

These medium format negatives were found mixed in with Grandpa's photo collection. These differ from the other medium format negatives taken by Grandpa and his friends in that they are 6-cm wide by 6-cm tall. After doing a little research on the uniforms, I discovered that they appear to show German Polizei. So I drew the conclusion that the traffic accident pictures must be police photographs used for documentation purposes. I have not positively identified any locations in the photos yet, but I do have a suspicion that some could be near Nuremberg because the Rhenish Cap of a church in the background of one picture looks similar to a church in Lauf an der Pegnitz. I'm still hoping for some sort of confirmation, but most of the pictures are very nondescript in regards to the surroundings.

I'm not sure how these photos came into Grandpa's possession. I've speculated that they might have been left behind in a barracks by the fleeing Germans -- that perhaps the 347th had occupied the very barracks shown in the pictures. Another possibility is that they were found in an abandoned film shop or perhaps someone else found them and they were just given to Grandpa.

At any rate, these photos make an interesting addition to an already amazing photo collection, as they give a glimpse, however small, of life in Germany before the Allied armies swept through. If anyone can shed some light onto the location of these pictures or any information about how the Polizei used these traffic accident pictures, please feel free to contact me. Also, I'm interested in identifying types of vehicles pictured here. If I haven't added identifications already, please feel free to contact me in regards to that as well.