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Morfontaine, France

Morfontaine is a commune in the Meurthe-et-Moselle department in north-eastern France. In response to the Ardennes Offensive of December 1944, the 347th Ordnance Depot Company received orders to move north from Metz and close somewhere near Longwy. Following the Third Army, the Company was operating from an abandoned French post in Morfontaine on December 22. The men stayed in small homes formerly occupied by the families of French officers manning the Maginot Line. These homes were about a mile east of Morfontaine in an area known as Les Cités. During the company's time in Morfontaine the 347th Ordnance Depot Company's mission was the direct support of the Third Corps plus all other combat and service troops in the area. During a single week 618 tons of needed ordnance parts were received and issued, resulting in a verbal commendation from Major Doyle of the Third Corps and a written commendation from Lt. Col. S.J. Newton of the 4th Infantry Division for their service during this time.