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Brunnthal, Germany

Situated directly to the west of the village of Brunnthal, about 12 miles south of Munich on the A8 Autobahn was a place used by the Luftwaffe as a satellite airfield. The purpose of this Schattenplatz or "shadow field" was to offer an alternative to the Munich-Neubiberg airfield to the north which was under almost constant harassment by allied air attacks. Areas at the edge of the nearby forest were cleared out to conceal parked aircraft and two landing strips were built -- one of them was the autobahn itself. After the war the Allies pooled all the surrounding aircraft into a large boneyard. One by one the aircraft were later removed from the boneyard for scrap metal. Remains of many aircraft types were photographed by S Sgt. Jerry Pinkowski of the 347th Ordnance Depot Company and can be seen on this page.