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Bamberg, Germany

Bamberg is a German city in Bavaria located on the River Regnitz. Bamberg, first mentioned in historical writings in 902 grew around the Babenberch Castle. Formerly a part of the Diocese of Würzburg, it was made the seat of its own diocese in 1007. For a short time Bamberg was the center of the Holy Roman Empire. Bamberg became part of Bavaria in 1803. Despite numerous sources stating that Bamberg suffered no bombing damage during World War II, the city did see considerable destruction late in the war.

Castle Altenburg that sits on top of the tallest hill surrounding Bamberg was first mentioned in historical writings in 1109. It first served as what Germans call a Fliehburg or a fortification that normally isn't inhabited but the townspeople can flee to in times of danger. From 1305 to 1553 the castle was residence of the sovereign bishops of Bamberg. The castle was damaged by fire in 1553 during the Second Margrave War and later used as a prison. Today the castle is open for public tours and houses a restaurant.