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Under the command of the U.S. First Army, the 347th Ordnance Depot Company landed on Utah Beach in late June and was quickly on their way inland in support of Operation Cobra. After the breakthrough the company was transferred to the newly established U.S. Third Army and was preparing for a mad dash across France.

Orglandes, France

Orglandes Church Past and Present

The 347th Ordnance Depot Company was up and running at an apple orchard at Orglandes, France the first morning after landing at Utah Beach in late June of 1944. Pictured here is 15th century Church of Notre-Dame in the center of Orglandes over the top of a hedgerow directly to the north. (Modern day image © 2011 Google.)

Étretat, France

Étretat Cliffs Past and Present

It's not clear if my Grandpa visited Étretat during the war, while on his way into France, or afterwards, on his way out. Either way, it seems to be a bit off his known path. What is known is that he was there and took an interesting series of photos of the famous cliffs, which are still a favorite photographic subject of tourists today. Modern-day photo by Michael Pfeiffer (CC-by).

Le Mans, France

Rue Wilbur Wright Tunnel Past and Present

This tunnel on Rue Wilbur Wright is just southwest of Le Mans Cathedral. This remarkably similar modern day view was found on Google Earth's street view. (Modern day image © SPOT IMAGE; © 2011 Google)

Le Mans Past and Present

There is a stark contrast of old and new architecture in this modern-day view just south of Le Mans Cathedral. (Modern day image © SPOT IMAGE; © 2011 Google)

St. Juliens Church Past and Present

A close 'past and present' view of the system of flying buttresses of Le Mans Cathedral. The cathedral bears an interesting mix of Romanesque and High Gothic features. (Modern day image © SPOT IMAGE; © 2011 Google)

Wilbur Wright Monument Past and Present

This monument to Wilbur Wright, dedicated to all pioneers of flight and to the victims of aviation still stands near Le Mans Cathedral. The monument, sculpted by Paul Landowski, was innaugurated in 1920. (Modern day image © SPOT IMAGE; © 2011 Google)