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These photos of Luxembourg City were taken after the Germans were pushed back out of Luxembourg following the Battle of the Bulge, probably in about February or early March of 1945. Special thanks to André Flener for taking modern day pictures of these sites.

Luxembourg City

Luxembourg Rail Station Past and Present

The neo-baroque rail station of Luxembourg City was completed in 1913. It serves as the hub of Luxembourg's domestic rail service and also has service into France, Belgium and Germany. It doesn't appear to have changed very much outwardly over the years.

Notre-Dame Cathedral of Luxembourg Past and Present

The Notre-Dame Cathedral of Luxembourg as it appeared in early 1945 and how it appears today.

Hollerich Church Past and Present

The Church of Saintes Pierre et Paul in the Hollerich quarter of Luxembourg City hasn't changed at all. Special thanks should go to André Flener for braving the busy intersection to get the perfect matching shot.

Gasperich Church Past and Present

The Church of Sainte Thérèse de l'enfant Jésus in the Gasperich quarter of Luxembourg City still bears a semblance of its 1945 self, although it appears to have been expanded.