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The 347th Ordnance Depot Company arrived in England in October of 1943 and spent a few months in Sudbury in Derbyshire before relocating to New Brighton in December and on to Devizes in March of 1944.

New Brighton In Wallasey, England

Tower Ballroom Past and Present

The Tower Ballroom suffered a fire in 1969 and was demolished so this pair of photos technically isn't a "past and present". Date of the color photo is unknown, but the area looks much as it did when the 347th Ordnance Depot Company arrived in New Brighton in late 1943. (Color image used with permission from

Fort Perch Rock Past and Present

Fort Perch Rock was orginally built in the 1820s as a defensive installation at the mouth of the Mersey River to protect the port of Liverpool. Nicknamed "Little Gibraltar of the Mersey" it was armed with 18 guns. Today it remains as a tourist attraction and a museum. Modern-day photo by Stephen Nunney (CC-by-sa).

Devizes, England

St. James Church Past and Present

The early 15th century St. James Church in Devizes is located near Crammer Pond on the green in the middle of Devizes, England. Modern-day photo by Trevor Rickard (CC-by-sa).