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USS Young - DD 580

USS Young
Fletcher Class

Pictured here is the USS Young (DD-580) near New York City in fall of 1945 after the war. The Young was a Fletcher-class destroyer with a distinguished service record in the Pacific Theater. Young was laid down at Orange, Texas in May of 1942 and commissioned in July of 1943. During one of her actions around Mindoro in 1944 the Young was credited with 5 unassisted splashes and two assists. She earned five battle stars during World War II. Fletcher-class destroyers had a compliment of 273 and were armed with 5 inch/38 caliber guns, 40mm AA guns, 20mm AA guns, torpedos and depth charges. The USS Young was decommissioned in January of 1947 and eventually sunk for target practice in 1970.

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