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M25 Dragon Wagon

M25 Tank Transporter
Dragon Wagon

The M25 Tank Transporter, known as the Dragon Wagon to the troops, was an American heavy tank transporter used in World War II. It consisted of a 6x6 armored tractor (M26) and an eight wheel, low loading flatbed trailer that attached to the fifth wheel of the M26 (M15). Its intended purpose was to recover tanks in the field after battle damage or mechanical failure. The M26 tractor pictured here had an armored cab to protect the crew from small arms fire, but as the war progressed tank recovery on the battlefield was less of a priority than transporting tanks to the front. Therefore an unarmored "soft skin" cab was designed for the M26 and these models, designated the M26A1, benefitted from being one and a half tons lighter. The crew of seven had everything they needed to do their recovery work in all kinds of terrain: an air compressor, tow ropes, chains, welding equipment, hydraulic pulleys, and a folding A-frame structure that could be raised and locked into any position needed to drag recovered vehicles.

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