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LCT Landing Craft Tank

The Landing Craft Tank was an amphibious assault ship used in World War II by the US Navy and Royal Navy. LCTs were produced in two versions, the Mk 5 and Mk 6. The craft pictured here is an LCT Mk6, of which 965 were produced during the war years. The Mk6 had a hull length of 119 feet, a beam of 32 feet and a displacement of 284 short tons. Its maximum cargo load was 150 short tons. Crewed by 12, it was powered by three diesel engines and capable of 7 knots. Armaments varied but the LCT had provisions for two 20-mm antiaircraft guns and up to four .50 caliber machine guns. In addition to landing tanks on beachheads they were adapted to a number of other uses too, including minesweepers and a platform for firing artillery or rockets. LCTs are distinguished by numbers rather than the usual naval custom of christening a ship with a name. LCT 786, pictured here, was laid down on February 22, 1944 in Mt. Vernon, Ohio and delivered on March 14, 1944. ((Insert Info For LCT 566 Here!!)) The 347th Ordnance Depot Company made their Channel crossing on LCTs in June 1944, landing at Utah Beach. The Company was charged with bringing about 100 vehicles, including armor and halftracks, to the continent.

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