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Junkers Ju 52

The Junkers Ju 52 was a trimotor transport aircraft and bomber used by the Luftwaffe during World War II. Before the war the Ju 52 was a very successful civil airliner operating in several foreign airlines. Nicknamed "Iron Annie" or "Auntie Ju" the Ju 52 was the most important Luftwaffe transport of the war, serving on all fronts. Its versatility allowed it to be pressed into service not only as a troop transport but also as a bomber, minesweeper, glider tug and a variety of other roles. The later variants were powered by three 830HP BMW 132T radial engines, and carried three to four crew plus up to 18 troops. As a bomber in the Spanish Civil War, the Ju 52 dropped over 6,000 tons of bombs and logged some 13,000 operational hours. During the 1940 invasion of Norway the Ju 52 was involved in the first large scale use of air transport in war. The distinct corrugations on the plane's duralumin skin was designed for load bearing purposes. The corrugation gives the skin immense strength, a common feature on early Junkers designs. Several Ju 52s along with many other aircraft were pooled together in a boneyard about 12 miles south of Munich near a village called Brunnthal after the war.

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