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Federal 94x43 Tractor

The Federal 94x43 Tractor was a line haul tractor used by the US Army in World War II. The first model, the 94x43A featured a closed cab, and the later 94x43B and 94x43C had the standard military open cab with a canvas roof. When used by the Signal Corps in conjunction with a van trailer, it was known as a K-32. Federal built a total of 8,119 tractors. Towards the end of the war Kenworth and Marmon-Herrington undertook production of these trucks as well. Some of the open cab versions were fitted with a ring mount for an anti-aircraft machine gun. The Federal 94x43 was powered with a Hercules RXC 529 cubic inch, 112HP 6-cylinder gasoline engine. Its maximum towed capacity was 30,000 lbs. The Federal 94x43 was operationally equivalent to the Autocar U-7144-T, even using many of the same chassis components. Along with the Autocar U-7144-T, these tractors were a very important item in the 347th Ordnance Depot Company's motor pool. Since they were oftentimes on the move, the men used the 35 foot trailers as storage sheds to house vehicle parts and tools.

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