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Dodge WC Series

In the pre-war build-up prior to mobilization, Dodge developed the lightweight and versatile 1/2-ton 4x4 WC Series of trucks. The G505 family of 1/2-ton trucks produced by Dodge was made up of 38 models, some manufactured in the thousands and others only a handful. The Dodge-1/2 ton model numbers range from WC-1 to WC-50 and the different models were intended for their own specialized purposes including ambulances, radio cars, panel trucks, telephone installation cars and command and reconnaissance cars. The canvas-topped vehicle pictured here, surrounded by 347th Ordnance Depot personnel, is thought to be a WC-6 or WC-7 Command and Reconnaissance Car. Intended to provide mobility to officers and their staff on the battlefield, the WC-6 body was designed to permit ease of entry and exit by its ranking passengers. A folding table and map holder were mounted to the back of the front seat for use by the backseat passengers. Removeable canvas doors and roof were provided for protection against the elements.

In 1942 the 1/2-ton series was superceded by Dodge's 3/4-ton G502 trucks. The Dodge 3/4-tons ranged from WC-51 to WC-61, and also had their own specialized purposes. The Dodge 3/4-tons were very successful and continued service throughout the Korean War with over 260,000 being manufactured. The vehicle pictured above is thought to be a WC-53 Carryall which was longer and heaver, but otherwise very similar to the 1/2-ton Carryalls (WC-10, WC-17 and WC-26). These had an enclosed body and windows on the sides and were built for light troop or cargo transport. All of the photos featured on this page were thought to be taken during the Louisiana Maneuvers of the Spring of 1943.

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