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6x6 Truck

The GMC CCKW was a two and a half ton, medium duty 6x6 truck used by the US Army in World War II. It is considered by some to be the truck that won the war for the Allies, as it contributed greatly to their superior ability to move huge quantities of men and supplies. GMC produced the CCKW from 1941 to 1945, to the tune of 562,750 units. It remained in service with the US Army until 1956 but unofficially continued its service for another decade. The CCKW was built in two chassis lengths: the CCKW-352 short wheel base, and the CCKW-353 long wheel base (145 and 165 inches respectively). The short wheel base version was intended to be a prime mover to tow field artillery. The long wheel base was the general purpose cargo and personnel transport. The earliest versions of the truck featured a closed cab and a steel cargo bed. By mid 1942, in an effort to conserve steel, CCKWs began showing up with wooden cargo beds and the standard military open cab. The CCKW was fitted with a greater array of body types than any other World War II vehicle. Variations included fuel tankers, tippers, fire trucks and bomb carriers to name a few. Naturally, the men of the 347th Ordnance Depot Company depended greatly on this versatile truck to move their men, ordnance and tools. The closed cab CCKW-353 pictured here is believed to have been photographed during maneuvers in Louisiana in 1942.

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