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Autocar U-7144-T

The Autocar U-7144-T was a 4-ton, 4x4 cabover tractor used by the US Army in World War II. Its ability to carry mountains of supplies contributed greatly to Allied military success in Europe. It could tow a variety of semi-trailers including flatbeds and communication vans. Like many other American trucks used by the military in World War II, the initial production versions featured a closed civilian style cab. In 1942, they started coming off the line with the standard military open cab with a canvas top. The U-7144-T utilized the same Hercules RXC 529 cubic inch, 112HP 6-cylinder gas powerplant as the Federal 94x43. Autocar produced 11,104 during the war years. Also pictured here is the Autocar U-8144-T Pontoon Tractor, which was a specialized version intended to tow trailers containing pontoon bridge sections.

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