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This is a more or less comprehensive map of the movements of the 347th Ordnance Depot Company from its arrival in New Brighton in December of 1943 until their departure from the European Theater of Operations in October of 1945. Some areas are very congested so you'll have to zoom in to city level to see the various markers. Click on markers for a photo and identification. The journey on the European Continent starts in Orglandes, France, then on to Canisy followed by Lemans. The big gap between Le Mans and Metz is during the Third Army's mad dash across France -- I believe that Grandpa was simply moving too fast to get any photos! Reims was visited, I believe, prior to being shipped home. Donzère was photographed from the train on the way to the Mediterranean Sea to ship home. I'm not certain where Étretat and Bremen fit into the chronology here, only that grandpa visited these out-of-the-way places and has them captured on 35-mm film.