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The National WWII Museum - New Orleans

The National WWII Museum tells the story of the American Experience in the war that changed the world — why it was fought, how it was won, and what it means today.

Axis History Forum

An apolitical forum for discussions on the Axis nations, as well as the First and Second World Wars in general.

The Third Reich In Ruins

This page presents photos of historical sites associated with Germany’s Third Reich (1933-1945), both as they appeared while in use, and as the remains appear today.

Luftwaffe Experten Message Board

A discussion group dedicated to the weapons, tactics and personnel of Luftwaffe aerial warfare during the life of the Third Reich.

YANK Magazine The Army Weekly

Excerpts and pictures from the soldier's "Yank" Magazine as well as other references of the life and times of the World War II era.

Devizes Heritage

A non-profit website about the history, archaeology, the green areas and open spaces around Devizes and its villages.

World War Two Battlefield Relics

A virtual museum featuring military artifacts left behind on the battlefields of Europe and beyond.

The History of Wallasey

A website that explores the story of the places and the people of our great borough of Wallasey.

McNair Kaserne - Hoechst Germany

A cold war look at the former home of the 32nd Signal Battalion, the 201st Signal Company, the 17th Signal Battalion, and some other groups. McNair Kaserne is a former United States Army cold war era military post. It was located in Hoechst, Germany, just west of the city of Frankfurt.

The Nuremberg Military Community

Following the U.S. Army's occupation of bases in Middle Franconia which came to an abrupt end in the early 1990s, this website is a forum for individuals previously associated with the Nuremberg Military Community to share their experiences and photographs.